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Doksa 5L Paint Can Liner Pack of 3
Doksa 5L Paint Can Liner Pack of 3

Doksa 5L Paint Can Liner Pack of 3

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5L Paint Can Liner Pack of 3


The Paint Can Liner ™ by Dóksa Select, is a disposable, 5L paint can liner, designed to increase efficiency for painters. The Paint Can Liner ™ offers 5 solutions for 5 common paint contractor problems: 


1. The Paint Can Liner™ Saves Time - painters no longer need to rinse cut cans between color changes or at the end of a job. Simply dispose of The Paint Can Liner™  and clean up is finished.


2.  The Paint Can Liner™ Saves Space - instead of carrying numerous cut cans around on a project or trying to store cans in the back of van or trailer, painters can store and carry 23 liners in the space of just 2 paint cans. This is more than 1000% increase in space savings, plus the benefit of a more organized work space. 


3.  The Paint Can Liner™ Saves Money - The Paint Can Liner™ is less expensive than a paint can and offers cost benefits from saving time and saving space. 


4.  The Paint Can Liner™ is Environmentally Friendly - The Paint Can Liner™ is recyclable, keeps chemicals out of the water supply because liners are used instead of rinsing cans, and has a smaller environmental impact due to less material, shipping and storage.


5.  The Paint Can Liner™ is Familiar and Easy - painters can retain the benefits of familiar cut-in techniques while avoiding the cost and frustration of switching to alternative systems. 


The Paint Can Liner ™ is the best way to remove hassle and complexity, so projects are done on time and on budget without any change to proven technique or quality results. 




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