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Paint Spillage Kit 15L

Paint Spillage Kit 15L

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Paint Spillage Kit 15L

Designed for Paint, Resin & Ink Spills Up To 5L

Kit Contains:

2 x Universal absorbent pads

1 x 1L of fibre absorbent

1 x Collection Pain & 16cm Squeegee

1 x Containment/Paint Tray

1 x Disposal Bag & Tie

1 x Pair of disposable gloves


Instructions For Use:

Please wear gloves provided at all times.

1. Place spilled can/tin into the paint tray provided

2. Use the wiper blade to scrape spilled paint into dust pan

3. Pour recovered paint back into the original can/tin

4. When only paint residue remains- either pour water for water based paint or white spirit for oil based paint. Once added, use the brush provided to 'agitate' the paint residue. This is essential and will help absorb the paint. 

5. Soak up with the absorbent pad and/or loose fibre

6. Place soiled pads in disposal bag

7. Wipe clean with further absorbent pad

8. Seal the disposal bag and dispose responsibly.


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