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The Fox 'Foxy 5' Bundle 1 x 1", 1 x 1.5", 1 x 2", 1 x 3" + FREE BRUSH COMB

The Fox 'Foxy 5' Bundle 1 x 1", 1 x 1.5", 1 x 2", 1 x 3" + FREE BRUSH COMB

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Brand: Fox (The)
Product Code: FOXY5
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Bundle includes:  


1 x 1" ,1 x 1.5", 1 x 2", 1 x 3"

Developed for today's paints, The Fox range uses traditional styling for modern paint formulations.

The filament itself has been specially formulated with poly/nylon filaments.

It's thick stock means that The Fox brushes are ideal for holding lots of paint but without compromising the finish.

For a straight cut, this brush can cut in as sharp as any other as the filaments have been specifically bevelled. 

The Fox Origi familiar quality beechwood handle with the old school 'kaiser handle' design

Rust restitant stainless steal ferrule

Great for both oil and water based paints

Made In Britain


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